2forJoy – FAULT’s one to watch this Summer

2forJoy - Choke

London’s own 2forJoy – aka Ruth Ivo – has just released her first music video for debut track Choke. Beautifully filmed by FAULT Favourite photographer (and regular contributor) Annick Wolfers, Choke is moody, atmospheric power pop at its best – and the video certainly fits the brief. Listening to – and watching – 2forJoy, we were struck by the fact that, rather than treading the almost established female pop star route of fluffy-pink-puff music, eventually leading on to darker tones, Ruth has immediately gone for a more sultry vibe. We shouldn’t really be surprised given Ruth’s prior involvement as co-founder of the nigh-on debauched Trash City nights, which will be well known to UK festival goers as the louche after hours party so popular at Glastonbury et al.

That said, 2forJoy is hardly decadent. Her appeal lies precisely in the fact that she balances her softer and less salubrious moods so beautifully. And, if the Choke video is anything to go by when it comes to her chosen aesthetic, we could be looking at the next big thing for Summer. Various labels are already tracking her progress and with a sound like this, it’s not hard to see why: