Interview with FAULT Favourite Photographer Miguel Starcevich

Hollywood legend Julie Newmar, shot by Miguel Starcevich for FAULT Issue 8

FAULT: For how long have you worked as a photographer?
Miguel: Photography has been my career/passion for over ten years

FAULT: You have lived in the US, Germany, The Netherlands, UK and France – which one was most inspiring for you? Which one did you most enjoy?
While each European country I’ve had the fortune to experience has had it’s individual lure and charm; Los Angeles continues to be the city which inspires me the most.

FAULT: What has been your favorite shoot thus far and why?
There have been numerous shoots that have left a lasting impression on me but the one that stands out thus far is the one with Julie Newmar because we both challenged each-other on that particular day.

FAULT: Do you express your creativity through any other mediums (illustrating,film..etc) besides photography?
I’ve done some experimental music videos and short subject films. I hope to spend more time in these areas in the future.

FAULT: Have you always known you wanted to be a photographer?
Photography was not a known entity as such to me when I was growing up but in retrospect I realize now that I always viewed my environment through an internal lens,which was  my minds eye. I had the habit as a child of studying interesting faces, colors and textures which I would then depict in imaginative contexts. A bit  similar to what I do now when I put a story board together. So to answer your question, I guess I’ve always had the desire to capture images but it’s only as a young adult that I became interested in photography.

FAULT: Do you prefer shooting in Black&White or colour? Why?
I prefer to shoot in black and white because I think I’m somewhat of a purist. Color is seductive and there are times when the soul of the  images can sometimes be lost. Black and white leaves everything bare without any enticement or detraction from the essence of the photo.

FAULT: What do you consider to be your greatest personal and/or professional cheievement?
That’s a questions I believe I’ll be best able to answer on my death bed because the universe continues to fill me with wonder, awe and the opportunity to achieve. On a personal level if pushed I’d have to say that being a father is right up there at the top.

FAULT: Is there anything or anyone else that inspires you creatively – besides thoes whom we already know about (William Klein, Helmut Newton and Andy Warhol)?
There are times when my creative inspiration can come from nature  or an abandoned industrial site or the body of a nude women.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?
As a photographer I would say the most outstanding FAULT  that comes to mind is self criticism.