This past weekend, Brooklyn-based trio Beige played at Williamsburg’s 285 Kent alongside sets by Pictureplane and Class Actress. Beige’s psychedelic, lingering and spacey sound is saturated with reverb and hazy vocals, leaving their live show as anything but “beige.” The band, which includes Terrible Records co-founder Ethan Silverman on bass, plays alongside programmed beats with shared vocals by both the guitarist and keyboardist. Previously they recorded their songs at MGMT’s Blanker Unsinn Studio, under Billy Bennett (MGMT Congratulations), and their hype has continued to rise after self-releasing a select number of songs. A few of their noteworthy tracks, “Hollowpoint” and “Folds,” have been on rotation here at FAULT NYC and we’re anxiously waiting for some new releases and additional tour dates.

Here’s how Beige describes themselves: “Recently our work with color has led us, in spite of ourselves, to search little by little, with some assistance (from the listener, from the observer), for the realization of matter, and we have decided to end the battle. Our works are now invisible and we would like to show them in a clear and positive manner, in our recordings or otherwise, in the lines and tones of beige.”

Beige is a FAULT ones to watch. — Rachel Eleanor Sutton