Andreas is a Hong Kong raised artist now based in NYC. He is currently studying product design at Parsons School of Design and is starting to make a name for himself on the electronic music scene.

Today, FAULT takes you on a journey through his world made of incredible sounds, paints and designs.

When looking at your website, we can imagine that you are an all in one talent. You produce music, you paint, and you design. Where does this come from? What are you looking for in art?

I get a huge satisfaction out of mixing media to create a finished project; something that looks, feels and sounds good. Ultimately, I’m trying to find a way to progress these disciplines together into something fresh, but still easily appreciated.

What does DESIGN mean to you?

It’s nice way to combine various creative disciplines to create a solution that serves it’s purpose well.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I experiment a lot when I start a track, it usually sounds nothing like the end result. I’ll get really into moulding and evolving the sound until its vibe matches mine.

You are 21 and your résumé is impressive. What is the thing you are most proud of?

I recently got the chance to work with Chinese photographer and director Wing Shya. He made a fashion film for and I was asked to score it. I’d never produced for film before; aligning audio and visual gave me a new perspective on the sounds I create.


How would you describe a casual day in your life?

I’m a student so most of my time during the day is dedicated to class and assignments. Otherwise, I’ll be producing, heading out or taking it easy at home with good company.

Where do you feel most at home (HK, NY, London)?

Either New York or Hong Kong. Ive been in NYC for about a year and a half now, I love it and have a great crew here but my family is based in Hong Kong and I love it there too. Its a lot of fun but there’s definitely more going on out here when it comes to music.

What do you enjoy most living in NYC?

I live in little Italy at the moment, in a great space with a couple of my best friends. I’ve got soho above me, and Chinatown on either side. There is always something new going on and some good Chinese food to feel at home.

Your favourite places in the city (club, café, shops, etc.)? Any tips in the city for new comers?

Chicken Torta + Corn from La’Esquina
Ippudo on 4th Street…best ramen in the city
Order a Chairman Bao from Baohaus
Insomnia Cookies for those late night munchies
Masala Times awesome cheap curry delivery
Sushi of Gari for when you got some $$ to spend
Dim Sum Go-Go is my chinatown stop

I really love your tracks, especially the last one called LONDON TO NEW YORK. How (and where?) do you start elaborating sounds?

It’s spontaneous usually, an idea for a great track will usually catch me off guard. I always have at least my laptop with me for this reason. Its rare that these ideas actually turn into something finished; I have a huge folder full of hundreds of unfinished projects which I sift through once in a while.

What is the hidden message in LONDON TO NEW YORK?

I usually name my songs as to what’s happening at the time, I was on the plane to New York when I made this track.

Where do you usually perform in the city?

I play at clubs, art shows, hotels and other events around the city. Most recently, at Southside a couple nights ago.

What is a fault-y sound for you?

Something so off it sounds good.

What are your current projects?

Just started working on an EP with two great artists from the UK, getting a collective going, and on top of that, I’m producing my personal EP. Hopefully I can put it out sometime this year.

What do you wish I had asked you during this interview?

I wish you had asked me how I got the Wing Shya gig because I owe it to a good friend of mine from Hong Kong, Sean Kunjambu ( He was working with Wing Shya on the fashion film at the time when he approached me to work with them. Sean put his faith in me even though he knew it was my first attempt at scoring and I have to thank the both of them for that. It turned out really well and is one of my favorite collaborations I’ve done so far.

What is your FAULT?

I’m really impatient. I always have an idea in my head of how I want my pieces to look or sound, but I easily forget how much work it takes to get to that satisfaction!


Make sure to take a look at his website and music page and keep a close watch on this  refreshing talent.