TRST – New Single SULK


Last year FAULT caught up with our “One’s to Watch” Toronto’s TRST for an interview. The band have shared stages with everyone from Crystal Castles to Death From Above 1979. The duo (Robert Alfons and Maya Posterpski have just released a new track called SULK.  The band has already been receiving critical acclaim for their latest effort.  Definitely worth a listen. TRST will be having their record release next month.


FAULT: How long has TRUST been together?

Rob: about a year now yeah
FAULT: What’s your song writing process? Is it a joint effort?

Rob: We write songs both collaboratively and separately from each other

FAULT: Where do you record your tracks?

Rob: at home

FAULT: RE:  Candy Walls what was your inspiration behind that track?

That song is about the illusion of first love

FAULT: The video for Candy walls was directed by photographer Eva Michon where you a fan of her work previously?

Rob: Eva had done a really stunning video for Bishop Morocco and I loved it,,, I knew she lived down the street from us so I emailed her

FAULT: How involved where you with the treatment of the video for Candy Walls?

Rob: Eva had quite a few ideas for it,,,we really wanted to do a sunny video, something that was very different from the song

FAULT: Who would you like to collaborate with?

Rob: We’re writing the next Madonna album

FAULT: What’s the music scene like in Toronto?

Rob: There are a lot of great bands in Toronto, but I’m a hermit, I don’t really go outside



* Special thanks to MIKEY APPLES