FAULT Favourite: Maison Fin de Saison

Up and coming London-based design duo Maison fin de Saison have given us a sneak peek into their 2011/12 season line. Featuring sharp edgy designs, their MAN GARB collection (released in February 2012) is philosophically inspired by contradictions and opposites working beautifully (and paradoxically) in harmony. Their full lookbook is available on their website by request; check it out at www.maisonfindesaison.com . FAULT is pleased to be able to exclusively showcase the lines’  preview video for MAN GARB (see below) and speak to Gigi, one half of Maison Fin de Saison, about the exciting progress of the line, their artistic process and their plans for 2012:


FAULT: When did your interest in design begin?
Gigi: We come from a family of lawyers, artists and self proclaimed philosophers. Design and the arts were ready known to us from a very young age, we were practically surrounded by the arts. As we grew older I pursued all of my education in the Arts, my brother went onto study Law.
Our variation in education allowed for the pairing of an interest in progressive and unorthodox design- known as the Avant Garde and in August 2011, we combined as logic and the chimerical, which saw the creation of Maison Fin De Saison.


Who or what inspires your work?
Maison Fin De Saison is  associated with three dominant sources: our vision of mankind, philosophy, black and white film.

I am the creative half of the brain and my brother is the logic, most of the design process is my vision and my brother adds a more realistic approach.
We have a love for ‘dense’ text specifically philosophy concerned with morality, ethics and romanticism. Latin, Punjabi, French, German amongst a few languages in texts and Dada. This is how the name Maison Fin De Saison came into being, drawn from key influences and acquired taste, the name itself was a inspirational vision and we created END OF SEASON which is the English translation of Maison Fin De Saison. Consider it a contradiction to the notion of normal, it also bears a twist of humor and a slight hint of the erratic behavior I speak of.

Another medium of inspiration is Black and White film, progressive and liberating introduced for each season, allows brilliance and versatility in supporting stark contrasts of subjects being shot and the ideology of the house. It also presents a kind of lack of disposability which is ideal, we admire the work of Alfred Hitchcock.

To sum it all up, Maison Fin De Saison, houses vision first, our vision takes precedence over the season, the season then follows and all ingredients required to stage the final oeuvre. After all without vision, design would be shortfall of complete.


What’s your design aesthetic?

Haphazard couplings and unconventional fabric usage and all things erratic, chimerical and stage. Our aesthetic can be seen in the execution of our work, which to us in hindsight is as important for the creation of the collection.
We use a hint of stage in our work, recently we have approached a very innovative radio station to collaborate with for our Fall Winter 2012 collection named ‘Man Garb.’ Radio and Garb (as we say) quite contrary in their respectable domains is one angle of approach that has not yet been done and accompanies the concept of our Fall Winter 2012 season. All of Maison Fin De Saison in many forms- unconventional, erratic and has raised a few brow as reaction.

French Radio London, houses some back on back genius in terms of musical pleasure and they shall be hosting sound as well as interview for the exhibit. The exhibit date is early Feb 2012, we are very excited to observe the reactions it will bring and its a sort of exhibit in an exhibit.

How do you stay inspired?

Inspiration is habit, it may switch of but it strikes over and over again without fail its bitter, sweet, its maddening. It cannot be helped.
What advice do you have for other new designers trying to establish themselves?
Genius and creativity require patience and repetition, don’t institutionalize your imagination, creativity is revolution in itself. Look beyond the known and you will reflect the same in your vision. If you have it, do it. We admire people of the creative realms.


Who would you love to dress in the future?
We have dressed a few already- presenters and managing editors, for the future.. she is yet to be discovered.


What are you working on at the moment?
New York and London based reviews, recording Feb 2012 exhibit with the radio and the next season is being sketched, the vision is ready SS13.


Describe the ‘Maison Fin de Saison’ woman.
The Maison Fin De Saison woman is not confined to sterotype or rather cannot be defined, she is a moving presence that houses morality, intellect and depth. She wears with an intellectual approach and her lifestyle reflects the same. She is progressive.


What is your FAULT?
Maison Fin De Saison do not always make sense.
Getting lost in philosophy
Overdosing on Arabica
A fascination with languages that we don’t necessarily speak
Opinions on mankind
An obsession with the notion of humanity and freedom.
A freakish love for black and white.