FAULT ISSUE 9 features an exclusive interview with songstress Amy Lee of the artistic band, The MEEK. We found out more about their influences, musical process and what to expect from this underground band in this upcoming year.

FAULT: How did you come up with ‘The MEEK’ as the name for your band?
AMY: I asked a retired beatnik friend of mine, who wanders the streets of Hollywood and visits my newsstand, what I should name my band and he said ‘The Meek’ without any hesitation. An observation of the clamour of the music and the shyness of my
manner, I suppose.

What is your song writing process? Do you write individually or together?
AMY: I am an antenna: I hear it. I rarely tirelessly hash out a riff or idea. Lyrics almost always come first; they dictate the melody, notes, beat, and tempo. I write alone. I usually bring the skeleton of a song to Jeff and we bring it alive together.

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Listen to The MEEK here – http://www.myspace.com/meetthemeek