90210 star Michael Steger for FAULT


FAULT Magazine issue 9 features Michael Steger  (aka Navid Shiraz), the young actor who shot to fame starring in the hit TV Series, 90210 – also has a passion for live theater. Not expecting that? FAULT spoke to Michael about all his upcoming projects in our exclusive interview…

FAULT: How are yourself and your character Navid Shirazi alike?
Michael Steger: When it comes to relationships, both Navid and I seem to be the committed type. Except for that one time Navid cheated on Adrianna with Silver . . .

FAULT: Has live theatre always been an interest of yours?
Michael Steger: Definitely. I started out doing theatre and I miss the live audience. Every time I go to New York or London I try to see as much theatre as possible. Mark Rylance is one of my favorite theatre actors. I really admire his work and his commitment to the stage. Every time I see theatre I’m reminded of how much I miss it.

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