Topman: The Next Generation

Trust Topman to find a niche that needs filling. Always on trend with men’s fast fashion and pioneering new talent with it’s collaborations, they have now jumped on the magazine wagon and created their first online fashion magazine entitled Generation.

The first issue is edited by John-Paul Pryor, who comes from the edgy Dazed stable, so expect diverse and educated content. Bridging the gap of music, fashion and film, it will surely open a cultural can of worms!

Designed by Saatchi, the magazine, which is overseen by Gordon Richardson, Topman’s Design Director, promises to offer a multi-media platform, where the reader can gain ‘a unique cultural insight into the worlds of fashion, film, music and art”.

The style of the magazine allows it be easy to navigate and certainly one that will be a go to reference point. The content of the first issue features new designers Matthew Miller, James Long and Lou Dalton, who might be known from London Fashion Week, as well as emerging talent in fashion, music and sport.

Interviews with designers nestle neatly next to features on cult movies, up and coming photographer Kate Cox, Ezra Miller, Yoko Ono and Amy Winehouse.

This site, I am sure will not just be for the boys!

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By Sara Darling