Mayra Veronica for FAULT Issue 9

Mayra Veronica for FAULT Magazine Issue 9


FAULT: How would you describe your sound, and, if there were one thing you wanted listeners to takeaway from your music what would it be?
Mayra: My sound is a Pop Dance with a sexy, feminine flair. I want my listeners to open up, release their inhibitions and let go of self-imposed constraints. I create my music to move people, while making them think outside society’s established conventionalities.

FAULT: Even though you began your career as a correspondent and then a model, what traits from that side of your career have carried over to your music?
Mayra: I technically began as an actress, when I received a double major in Psychology and Theatre. I was raised in Miami, which isn’t much of a theatrical town, but they did have the headquarters for Latin television. The opportunity presented itself to host an entertainment news show so, as a trained actress, I acted as a correspondent. It went very well! Soon magazines began wanting pictorials, making modelling a part of my life. Now, with my music, I tell stories and then I play out the parts to these stories—so the underlying chameleon qualities found in acting have been helpful throughout my career.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?
Mayra: Consoling a Soldier is my fault, inspiring a child is my fault, understanding my mother is my fault, creating music that will cause you to think is my fault, loving is my fault… Being misunderstood? Well, that’s everyone else’s fault! [Laughs]

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