Cult classic makes a comeback

Those of a certain age, can only smile when they reminisce about Diadora trainers. Mis-spent youth and shimmying over the park gates; Or was that just me? Actually, that story might have come from my dad, as the brand has been around since 1948!

But for those who haven’t glimpsed the sports fraternity faves, the Italian heritage brand, is re-launching the classic B.Elite this winter.

The iconic trainer, a favourite of the football, athletic and even ski-ing fraternity, was infamously worn by Bjorn Bjorg who won the grand slam in them eleven times! They can’t promise that they will give you Bjorg’s temprement (or fetching hair style) but the cult white and gold model bridges the gap between lifestyle and trend led training footwear.

The brand still continues with the recognizable ‘five ball’ logo, and with its clean lines and nod to retro styling, it doesn’t really matter if you’re a jock or not!

Exclusively available at London trainer specialists Foot Patrol on a limited edition run. Get it while you can from

By Sara Darling