RTX? Gone. Black Bananas? It’s the new forefront for Jennifer Herrema and her crew (Brian Mckinley, Kurt Midness, Jaimo Welch and Nadav Eisenman). Expect the same unruliness from Herrema with only subtle dashes of RTX, but thrown in amongst upbeat, outtake-ish sounds of “Rock and Roll.” With a new name change, they’ve also announced their latest single: “Rad Times,” on Rad Times Xpress IV (Drag City) due out late January. The song, which sets the tone for the upcoming debut, is a synth-infused ’80s blend of RTX’s genre bending sound, but not too much so that it falls into the costume category. Maybe… This shit is bananas? Yes, but in the best possible way. Black Bananas is a FAULT favorite.


  1. It’s Cool
  2. TV Trouble
  3. Acid Song
  4. Hot Stupid
  5. RTX Gogo
  6. Do It
  7. Rad Times
  8. My House
  9. Foxy Playground
  10. Earthquake
  11. Overpass
  12. Night Walker
  13. Killer Weed

By Rachel Eleanor Sutton