Freaky FAULT

FAULT’s going clubbing. For the first time in a long time, we’ve actually got the chance to leave the office and explore the big bad world of ‘outside’ (oh, the mystical appeal!). Deciding on this course of action, however, is one thing. Deciding where to go is quite another. London nightlife just isn’t as much fun in one’s 20s (dare we say 30s?) as it was as a fresh-faced, skinny-jeaned 18 year old.

Or so it would seem. Enter [be-tassled, on a pole] Proud Kitchen’s ‘Burlesque After Dark’ (when else would it be?), the gallery-cum-club-cum-stables’ latest offering to London’s increasingly stultifying night scene.

So why are we excited by ‘Burlesque After Dark’ – which, much like the girls in Alfie, willingly opens its doors to punters after work on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays? No, not just because we can’t get the office to adopt ‘Burlesque During the Day’… Firstly because we’re actually late on the scene to this one – the after dark (9pm onwards) sessions started on 4th November – and that’s just not on. More importantly because it looks set to be a cracking night out: good food, great venue and a stylish, artful and (let’s not forget) steamingly sexy show mere metres away.

Check back after tomorrow night for our report – although it may take some time for the boys to regain control of their pens…

For more information and table bookings, check here: