Frank Black – The Bureau & New Pixies Album


Frank Black front-man of the Pixies has just confirmed plans to launch his own record label, to be named The Bureau. The new label was set up as Black explains “because more traditional record companies I find it a little overwhelming that I have to come up with another record every nine months.” The Bureau has begun to sign other artists, including  The Magic Band. Black further states: “I wasn’t planning to start-up my own record label, but I hope I get invited to some really intense high-end parties.”With a career of over two decades, his insight into the industry is that “Running a label today isn’t that different from at any other time. There’s less money floating around, but I think it’s a good thing”. He goes on to explain”I think it’s more honest. It just puts the pressure on everybody to be good. Some of these record companies need to just stop fucking around and being such asses.” Frank Black also has informed fans that Pixies are working on a new album. “Pixies will either do something really traditional, with a big old record company, or something a lot more radical. Hopefully the radical approach. But The Bureau has other things on its plate.” Frank Black & Pixies classic FAULTS.