FAULT Focus: Annick Wolfers, Photographer


Fashion 156 Shoot

FAULT Paris recently had the pleasure to get to know Annick Wolfers, a Luxembourg-born, London-based photographer whose powerful and varied oeuvre has gained her widespread recognition. The career of this former art student has grown up in tandem with the changes to photographic equipment over time, and as a result Annick can boast a wide range of projects and skills. We caught up with the charming Ms. Wolfers in Paris at the most recent showcase of her work, I WANT YOUR PICTURE…

FAULT: Annick, congratulations on being asked to bring your work to this showcase of artistic talent. Are you enjoying yourself so far this evening?
ANNICK: The event has been great up to now- I’ve talked with many other photographers and have seen a variety of inspiring ideas on these walls.
FAULT: There are many individual styles of picture hanging here tonight. Considering them, how would you define your personal photographic angle?
ANNICK: I like to shoot pictures which tell a story- this is obviously shown through the composition of my images but also through the colours I use. I studied Fine Art before becoming interested in photography and so can say that the study of professional artwork has influenced my use of light. I don’t mind, for example, if the colours in my images seem unnatural or unrealistic. In that way they remind me of paintings.

FAULT: Of course, we arrive at your chosen image. It seems both mysterious and intriguing to the viewer. Can you tell us a little bit about it, and why you selected it to represent you tonight?
ANNICK: The image I chose has come with me to Paris because I believe it is one of my strongest and most interesting pictures to date. There is also a story behind it that I’d like to share with you. The photo is of a friend of mine, an ex-dancer who has extended her range of talents to become a singer. I really wanted to capture the force of the personality of this woman- something that I think is evident in the display of her naked back, and the ease with which she appears to hold herself. I really enjoy working with dancers as I find their bodies are very beautiful. They are the pinnacle of physical excellence.

FAULT: How long is the process of taking a shot like this?
ANNICK: We shot this image outside on a cold winter morning. Whilst I was wrapped up in many layers to stay warm my friend had only her costume to protect herself. In a way this added to my appreciation of her. In general I take images relatively quickly- the first ones are always the most difficult as you are working out the light and focus- but after I get the technicalities right things generally go smoothly. The process of this particular project is longer than the image… I was also involved with creating the first music video for this singer.

FAULT: So this image is representative not only of your photographic oeuvre, but of your film-making exploits too…
ANNICK: Yes. As well as doing several shoots for Fashion156 and other commissions, I’ve delved into film-making.

FAULT: We’ll drink to that! Good luck with everything!

Annick's Chosen Piece