Dazed and Confused- A good exhibition if ever I saw one

Today has been a day of culture, as I popped along to the “Making it up as we go along” exhibition. Trying to squeeze twenty years of one of the edgiest British fashion magazines into the rooms at Somerset House is no mean feat, but the exhibition, curated by Jefferson Hack and Emma Reeves, cherry picked the most memorable and visually inspiring stories, shoots and artwork, in a very Dazed way.

The show was not all about art on walls, but was displayed on cubes and mirrored boxes, which helped with the bottleneck of visitors who were vying to get in to the cosy rooms at Somerset House. Five rooms and the corridor were taken over by the magazine, and I have a feeling it could have easily taken over another five

Choosing the highlights must have been a logisitical nightmare and name checking all the photographers an impossible task; So many creatives have been involved with the style magazine, but it is the iconic covers and controversial stories which have made the cut.

Throughout the exhibition, I kept my eyes peeled for magazines I purchased in my youth. Some were there- shame I haven’t still got them! But I think the same about The Face magazine and I worked there..

As a go to bible for reference, students and fashionistas, Dazed & Confused has been one step ahead of pop culture since its explosive launch in London in 1991; With Rankin on board, it soon developed into a platform for emerging artists, designers and musicians who all wanted a piece of the pie. As an independent title, controversy remains part of its appeal, and the exhibition references some of it’s most memorable stars including Björk to Blondie, Pharell Williams to Kate Moss.

It’s almost too much to take in, in one visit, but as its free I might even go again!

Showing until 29th January 2012.

By Sara Darling