Casey LaBow for FAULT Issue 8

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 is released in the UK and USA on 18th November. FAULT caught up with actress Casey Labow about her role as Kate in the upcoming cult (pun definitely intended) phenomenon.

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FAULT: Casey, what a busy year for you; how are you doing?
Casey: I’m doing very good, I’ve been working a lot, and now getting ready for the Breaking Dawn Premieres.


FAULT: Can you tell us about your background, have you always known you wanted to get into acting?
Casey: I grew up outside of NYC and Broadway plays were very important to me. Annie and the Phantom of the Opera were a really big influence. I went to theatre school where I immersed myself in the craft and after graduation I hit the ground running with auditions and castings.


FAULT: You recently started in the critically acclaimed film Skateland and your co-star Ashley Green is also working with you on Breaking Dawn. What was it like working together again?

Casey: It was great, we didn’t have a ton of scenes together in Skateland, but it was funny because we shot both Skateland and parts of Breaking Dawn in Louisiana. I had to laugh about that, thinking the Gods must want us to be in Louisiana.

FAULT: What was the auditioning process like?

Casey: I asked my agent to get me in on the auditions. It took about 3 1/2 months of reading different material and numerous auditions. The wait was torture and the day I said to myself “I quit, I give up on this,” was the same day they called and said I had got the part of Kate.


FAULT: Where did you film Breaking Dawn?

Casey: Most of the movie was filmed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The wedding and exterior scenes were done n Squamish, or as the locals call “Squampton”, B.C [British Colombia]
FAULT: What do you think yourself and your role as Kate have in common?
Casey: Strong personalities and we are both game for anything.


FAULT: How would you describe Kate is three words.
Casey: Wry, Strong, Adventurous.

FAULT: What can fans expect from Breaking Dawn?
Casey: Much more mature subject matter, the characters have grown up and are now dealing with heavy subject matters, such as birth and marriage.
FAULT: What is your FAULT?
Casey: Chanel Allure Parfum