The Stone Roses – Reunited after 15 years



Manchester’s The Stone Roses who rose to fame in the late 1980s have announced they have reunited for a world tour. The tour will start next summer in their hometown of Manchester.The quartet’s legendary self-entitled debut album was released in 1989 and is considered one of the greatest records in British rock history. Their sophomore and last official studio effort was released in 1994 called “Second Coming”. When asked why the band had reformed 15 years after parting ways, front-man Brown replied: “Because I think we’re great and I think we’ve still got it and I think we’ve still got something to give to people, and I think that in times like this we can uplift people.” The tour starts on June 29, 2012, with the first two gigs at Manchester’s Heaton Park selling out in 14 minutes. Further tour details are expected to be released soon. The Stone Roses a classic FAULT.