The Queen of McQueen- Alexander McQueen SS 2012

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen was a God, so to be superseded by Sarah Burton after his tragic death, the world sat in suspense to see how she would compare. Her collection for this year’s Fashion Week spoke volumes towards what a talent she is, the fine craftsmanship that Alexander McQueen became renowned for was rightly continued, again emphasising her deserved position as the new creative director.

Collars encased the neck and structurally spiralled down the body, bold, richly shaped and royally gold in colour. On halter neck plunging knee high dresses detail erupted in floral flurries. Headwear that boasted incredible lace textures were so magnificently detailed that we lost interest in how the model wearing such a constraint must have felt. It was visually encapsulating, you literally became so involved in what you were seeing you didn’t even realise a woman was walking the runway. So to say Sarah Burton was the right woman for the job, I believe, was fashion’s greatest understatement for a long long while.