The Fedora’s FAULT.


Popping a hat on is the ultimate tell tale sign that winter’s on its way. After all, were we not all told as children that we must wear a woolly hat when it’s freezing out, because ‘all your heat is lost from your head’? The words to this day still haunt me.

Thankfully, fashion has evolved in such a way that hats are no longer on offer in embarrassingly garish shades of lime green and with a big pink bobble on top, we are now blessed with the option to stay warm (and appear incredibly adult!) should we invest in a Fedora.

The iconic hat (which boasts small pinches at the side and is related to the 1920’s-although seen before that time) is now on offer everywhere, and on the heads of thousands of men and women across the world.

Ironically, it’s time for us to take our hats off to this trend.