Sunday: The most difficult day on the social calendar…

I‘m sitting with the French doors open, propped upon a large cushion, listening to church bells and the roar of traffic. That’s right; it’s Sunday – the most difficult day on the social calendar. People all over struggle with Sundays, whether they’re dressing for family roast dinners, morning mass, or afternoon drinks with friends. This dressing-dilemma has always fascinated me, so here’s a way to look Sunday-appropriate without compromising on style.

bootcut jeans and MIH Jeans

Whatever the weather (and however bad the hangover) these 7 For All Mankind bootcut jeans and MIH Jeans jetset silk shirt are comfortable, casual, and yet effortlessly stylish. The bootcut shape is always a great way to exhume your inner modality without looking like you’ve tried too hard. This works just as well with cottons or cords, if you have any older family members who are vehemently anti-denim (I speak from experience…). A silk shirt or blouse is also bang on the money; this one buttons up high – almost to the neckline – leaving nothing unsightly on show, but the supple silk will fall to any shape so that you don’t compromise your figure.

It is a common myth that you have to dress to the nines for Sunday roasts or Church. Flamboyant mini dresses are most commonly frequented because it looks like you have made the effort without really making any effort at all. This can look cheap; Sunday isn’t traditionally a day for hemlines above the knee or tons of arm and chest on display. For those who would prefer to wear a dress, this below-the-knee Gucci dress, styled with Christian Louboutin boots is a look easily and effortlessly replicated.

The print, belt, and neck detail make it look like tons of chic-energy has gone into styling this outfit, when in fact just a carefully chosen dress with carefully chosen boots is all you need for this look to work. The tie around the neck balances the low cut neckline, and the hem of the dress meeting the top of the boots means you have gotten away looking appropriately covered without wearing a full length dress.

With the winter coming, we can’t just fling on a cool, floral maxi dress and sandals and swan into a restaurant or the in-laws’ looking like an ethereal summer princess. These looks are perfect for the cooler months, and will hopefully get you a similar reaction to that billowy maxi.