Ramses & Henry Duarte Concept Ace Gallery

Ramses & Henry Duarte Concept Los Angeles Ace Gallery
Ramses film screening is in collaboration with fashion designer Henry Duarte and musician Courtney Taylor-Taylor (The Dandy Warhols). The event starts tonight, October 13th from 5pm to 9pm at ACE Gallery. Ramses modern psychedelia film series is visually communicated in a series of films that simulate introspective human characteristics at times conveying aggression and imposition and at other times can be seen as sensual, offering an ethereal experience.
The three songs used to accompany the films are Grave, You and I Love You, courtesy of  THE MEEK.
These non-objective films are made of scattered fragments, asymmetrical shapes and solid fields of space. Visuals are a result of filming light sensitive color media. This highly reflective material affords association making the non-objective subject matter approachable and intimate.
Further interviews and updates from Concept at Ace Gallery to follow.