Pyjama Party

I‘ve been waiting with bated breath for the moment at which my Henry Holland patterned trousers become acceptable, and that moment has finally arrived: let’s party on down in our pyjamas!

Stella McCartney’s Spring Summer 2012 collection was described as 1940s-style nightwear, and Henry Holland himself was way ahead of the game, releasing pyjama-style trousers and tops a whole two years ago.

Stella McCartney’s Spring Summer 2012

Silks were the most common choice for night-themed daywear, with designers including Ralph Lauren jumping on the bandwagon. And it’s not only the designers – fashion bloggers and icons the world over are lapping up this trend in anticipation of next season. Blogger Rumi Neely was pictured wearing pyjama-style silk shorts in one of her most recent blog posts.

And with Stella McCartney designing them and Rumi Neely wearing them, who can say no?

Text Abbie Saunders