Peihang Huang

FAULT: What is your creative background?

 Peihang Huang : Basically I started to draw comic (manga) portraits in the last year of elementary school, I was totally a boring kid, but the appreciation of my comic drawings gave me the confidence, so I would say it probably changed my life.  But I wasn’t satisfied when I started to draw comics, so I asked my mum to take me to sketching class, that was my first time experimenting and learning new serious skills. After I started the first year of my masters degree, me and  three friends set up an art group ‘Assumed Taiwanese’, and we tried to find a gallery to hold an exhibition for us, which seemed impossible because we are just so inexperienced, but somehow a miracle happened. It was a success, and I got an artist contract and was supported by the gallery ever since. And in the last year of  my Masters, I got a scholarship to study in London for a short time; it was such a great experience.

Mad World


FAULT:  What made you take the Career path of an artist?

Peihang Huang : I go to normal middle school, which all my classmates chose a college subject like business or language studies, but I chose to go to art school instead. I always wanted to be an artist. Since my family members mostly are doing well in academic studies, I never had the chance to jump out. I feel I’m special only when I draw; it makes me feel I have something very unique, and suddenly became someone interesting. At the end, I believe art is magical; art can change something, so I feel so lucky to do something I love.

FAULT: Does your environment have any effect on your artistic aesthetic?

Peihang Huang : Taiwan is a country with a very versatile culture, the people are mostly from mainland China, but had a very long history of colony, included Dutch, Spanish, and Japanese. And after world war 2nd, pretty much had this influence of the American culture due to both politics and pop culture. So although it’s not a big land, but there are truly many different things going on here, that became something very unique and interesting. I believe Taiwan’s mixed culture has given me a very big influence.

FAULT: What is your favorite series of work or piece that you’ve created?

Peihang Huang : All my works are like my babies, will any mother have favorites. But I have to admit; I always give the most love to the latest piece of work.

FAULT: What do think your artwork reflects about you?

Peihang Huang : I always start from my personal experience; my work is always about my culture, my life, and memories. So I think whether it’s in the outer or inner, each work I made probably reflects a part of that in me. 

FAULT: What do you do on a day off?

Peihang Huang : Since my studio is far from downtown, and there is no entertainment in the countryside, mostly I watch movie at home after work. Sometimes I drive out to the city and karaoke with friends, which is one of my biggest interest, we party and drink at the same time in this little room, having a good time, I always felt refreshed after singing all the voice out.

FAULT:  whose work do you most admire?

Peihang Huang : I admire artists not only with their work, but  their spirit and their intelligence. There are many artists such as Francis Bacon, Damien Hirst, Mark Ryden, Jenny Saville, Elizabeth Peyton etc… and Taiwanese artist such as Wu Tien Chang, Kuo Wei Kuo, Chinese painter like Zhou Chun Ya…just too many!

FAULT: What is your FAULT? 

Peihang Huang : I love to win, and hate to lose.