Must-Have Boots for Sub-Zero Temperatures

In preparation for a trip to Oslo, Norway in December I decided to hit to find a super-stylish, super-practical pair of boots that’ll keep me snug in the sub-zero temperatures. And then I found these…

faux fur and suede boots by Miu Miu retail at £460

These faux fur and suede boots by Miu Miu retail at £460 – pricey compared to Topshop but towards the less expensive end of haute couture. But honestly? I would say they’re well worth the investment.

These boots are the best of both – they’re a versatile staple whilst also being a statement piece. They’re effortless and casual, but with a concealed wedge of 4.5” and a platform wedge of 1” they also fit the appeal for inner glamour whilst adding an extra bit of height. You can’t lose. The faux fur also eliminates the political controversy and the real suede makes them sturdy so they’ll last.

However, despite the pros, there is a pitfall. The very fact that these boots are made from faux fur and suede means that they are further from being rain-proof than a rabbit coat. Trawling through the streets of Oslo in an unexpected shower is the last place you’d want to be in these boots for fear of permanently ruining their quality. And how often can you tell yourself that it definitely WILL NOT rain when you’re out and about?

Still – asides from the issue of precarious conditions, these are gorgeous boots. But maybe they’re only practical enough to be worn inside the ski resort…

Text by Abbie Saunders