Men with good manners wear Eastie Empire

Eastie Empire, is a menswear brand with a growing fanbase of men who appreciate quality classics. The company was founded in 2009 by Sara Weston, who claims the label is designed for ‘journeymen and gentlemen’, and offers the modern man dapper clothes to dandy about in.
Inspired by Indian workwear and the British Raj, Eastern references are evident in the tailored fit and fabric choices. Each piece is a key separate, and can easily be adapted to a current wardrobe.
The collection ranges from tailored day wear which won’t look out of place walking the dog, heading a business meeting or in the terraces on a Saturday afternoon. Smart yet casual, the individual looks are reminiscent of the original dandy wear of the 1920s when men began to take an interest in clothes, and fashions were made to last.

The AW collection is aimed at men who have a personality and are a fan of quality tailoring. It re-works classics such as the Sports and Dancehall jackets, but also provides the basics- cotton shirts, blazers and trousers; The Journeymans Smock is the perfect laid-back denim accompaniment to smarter trousers, and if you are a fan of the traditional, the Eastie buttonhole braces and Francois neckerchief are a must to complete your look.. The collection has a unique sense of confidence and the attention to detail of piping and contrasting buttons, only adds to the charm and confidence.

Aiming to create stylish, understated practical pieces, the collection is now available across the globe and can be found in boutiques from New York to Melbourne to Colibri in London and Norwich.
Also available on line at
By Sara Darling