This is: Simon Porte Jacquemus


You certainly heard about this new phenomenon who made a name for himself by “demonstrating alongside his stylish working girls” at Paris Vogue’s 2011 fashion night out. They distributed tracts howling “LA MODE, LA MODE, LA MODE” as if they were making a demand and they definitely attracted both passers-by and the journalists’ attention. Besides, they crossed Emmanuel Alt’s path (Editor-in-chief at VOGUE PARIS) who acknowledged this was remarquably thought and that people would not only remember this action but would like to find out more about the artist.


This is the tract



Simon Porte Jacquemus started studying at ESMOD Paris when he realized he already had what it takes to enter the fashion industry, namely talent, passion and creativity. So he left the fashion institution to set a fashion business of his own.

His last action refers to his new collection named “L’USINE” where you can find boyish-styled cuts and a very cleaned-up manner to make women even more feminine and delicate than they are.

Please, take a look at this refreshing fashion designer who will certainly not stop here and go on standing up for “LA MODE, LA MODE, LA MODE”…









His website

Photograph taken by Bertrand Le Pluard à L'USINE

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His latest fashion video

(AW 2012 collection : L’USINE)