I’ll have a J&T please. Oh go on I’ll have two

Jezebel&Toff is the brainchild of British born designer Vincent Miller. Born in England, raised in Oz and now calling home NYC, the label was inspired when Miller stumbled across a disused warehouse containing vintage army surplus in East Village.

With a background in performance art, rather than design, Miller performed onstage for artists including The Spice Girls, Robbie Williams and Run DMC before finding his niche as a designer; But this only adds to the drama of his collections, and their appeal to the music industry and performers.

The signature of the brand is the hand appliqué imagery and embroidery, which takes pride of place on everything from oversize army jackets, to harem jeans in Japanese denim. These large-scale mix media images such as the gold leather King Tut, Wonder Woman and the Virgin Mary mean that the wearer definitely stands out from the crowd.

The fact that Miller has chosen to work with a cross section of used army wear, recognizes the importance of uniform; But the fact that it is deliberately mixed up, using camo prints from a variety of nations, makes each piece unique. And with the designs limited to 100 per edition, you can join the gang, but there will never be a leader

Not for the fainthearted, J&T will appeal to the confident, forward thinking boys and girls who have something to say and want to be heard.

Check them on www.jezebelandtoff.com or at their store at 110 Thompson Street, SoHo, New York, NY 10012

By Sara Darling