Henry Duarte Photographic Inspirations for New Collection

Designer Henry Duarte will be showcasing his new work this coming Thursday October 13th at ACE Gallery as part of CONCEPT Los Angeles Fashion Week. Henry has been a designer for over 15 years and his new film and collection of pieces were strongly influenced by numerous trips to Shanghai, China. In 2008 Duarte began taking photos of seemingly everyday objects, but when captured through his lens he found the subject matter as pieces of fine art and paintings. With over 300 images captured in the series Henry shared a few images with FAULT that had a substantial impact on his designs. Henry Duarte’s defragmented clothing as well his film which reveals his new abstract fashion accessories will be shown as part of the FAULT Media sponsored exhibition. For more show information CONCEPT Los Angeles, ACE Gallery .

Disfragmented T-shirts - Shanghai 2008


Paint on Metal Wall - Shanghai 2008