Fox Club – FAULT Review

Step inside The Fox Club and you’ll immediately recognize the qualities that make the private members club and bijou hotel a departure from the usual.  It’s a place to unwind with friends, eat fine food and even spend the night in dreamy luxury. Catering for a wide variety of guests, the one thing members and visitors of the club hold in common is the desire for a good time. Boasting nine individually designed bedrooms within its location at 46 Clarges Street, the establishment continues the traditions laid down by one of the locations most famous ex-residents, Charles James Fox, renowned statesman, politician and first rate hedonist. Through the environment offered at the club, his practices live on for the craftier fox or vixen amongst socialites.

Here, FAULT spoke to writer Anneka Treon, founder of The Birkin Effect (, for her take on the club:

The Fox Club FAULT Review


FAULT: Have you ever been to the Fox Club before?

Anneka: No. I had always been intrigued about what lay behind the doors of this charming Georgian townhouse. The outcome was a breath of fresh air; the Fox Club housed a nonchalant sense of “laid-back-ness” whilst being at arms throw away from the likes of The Wolseley and The Ritz. There was a sense of cool mysteriousness when I mentioned my name at the door and within minutes I found myself sunk into an armchair by the fireplace chatting to a bartender who told me amusing stories about the charismatic Charles James Fox himself!

FAULT: What was the purpose of your visit on this occasion?

Anneka: The location was selected for an exclusive photo shoot for The Birkin Effect.The refined yet comfortable setting with a twist of historical uniqueness was apt for the theme that my team were going for.

FAULT: Would you recommend the Fox Club to anyone? If so, to whom and for what reasons?

Anneka: I’d recommend the Fox Club to somebody who is looking for a refreshing sense of inspiration and calm. Historical pieces within the building together with the skylight offered by the brassiere provide a warm feeling of grandeur which makes for a perfect escape between business meetings or shopping. The Club offers that which its neighbouring establishments do not for a refined Londoner who is seeking something more discreet.