FAULT Exclusive- Ramses Static Film Collection – PULSAR No 809


PULSAR No 809 is the second film in a collection of modern psychedelic short films directed by Ramses which premiered at Concept Los Angeles, Ace Gallery for the FAULT media sponsored Henry Duarte and Ramses Installation. This body of nonfigurative art films are inspired not by nature or the outside world but find their subject matter coming from within. Watching this short film is as effortless as watching a sunset.  It is genuine, heartfelt, and true to itself. It is its own aesthetic that allows itself to be identified with and not interpreted, these films make all possibilities available.

The song that accompanies this film is YOU courtesy of THE MEEK. The song was recorded in Los Angeles in Summer of 2009 by Henrik Bjornsson. Performed by Amy Lee, Jeff Lee, Aly Leif, Henrik Bjornsson and Gregg Foreman. Additional guitars Christian Bland from the Black Angels. Art Movement VEBETH