FAULT Exclusive – Ramses Static Film Collection – Darkwave No 5

Ramses Static Film Collection – Darkwave No 5


Darkwave No 5 is part of a modern psychedelia short films series directed by Ramses, shot at Substrate in Los Angeles California and first screened at ACE Gallery in Los Angeles October 13th 2011; as part of Henry Duarte and Ramses installation (FAULT serving as media sponsor). This film series marks a step toward the conceptual and a leap away from the mass media fed newsreel footage we are confronted with on a daily basis. Although indisputably psychedelic the films are innocent. The volatile movements simulate human characteristics at times conveying aggression and imposition and at other times can be seen as sensual offering an ethereal experience further pushing film’s acceptance as an artistic medium.

The song that accompanies this film is GRAVE courtesy of THE MEEK. The song was recorded in Los Angeles in Summer of 2009 by Henrik Bjornsson. Performed by Amy Lee, Jeff Lee, Aly Leif, Henrik Bjornsson and Ramses. Additional vocals Alex Maas from the Black Angels. Art Movement VEBETH.