Doctors Without Borders, Freja Without Hair


For quite some time I have had a ‘favourite’ model. A model who graces catwalks across the world, who can one minute go from a beautiful swan like woman for Valentino, the next a young and effortless ad campaign girl for H&M. Maybe it’s because we share the same name? Regardless, Freja Beha Erichsen has just come to my attention again.

Initially I thought her new hair-cut was another style statement (after all, shaving a section of one’s scalp really has become a bucket-list must do) but after a little research it would seem that this cut has a much deeper meaning to it than its surface level appearance. On October 4th Erichsen is encouraging people across the world to donate a day’s wages to ‘Doctors Without Borders’, a campaign that has been put in place to aid the haunting issue of childhood malnutrition. And cleverly, knowing that her looks are under the public’s constant eye, she has begun campaigning about the said charity using her hair as an initial talking point.

Not just a pretty face ay?