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FAULT: What is your creative background Brandon?

Brandon: Well, I always felt like I was a very creative person even as a child playing with my G.I. Joe dolls. Instead of using them for combat I would cut up old socks to make outfits for them. Looking back, I definitely feel that fashion and creativity was within me for as long as I can remember. I would use scrap fabric and sew straight lines with my mother’s sewing machine and watch my mother sew these amazingly beautiful quilts. I guess a lot of my creativity came from my mother. However, It wasn’t until I was about 15 or 16 when I became in tune with myself, I began to used art and fashion as an outlet to express myself.

FAULT: What made you take the Career path of a fashion designer?

Brandon: It was my first time to New York for my cousins birthday. We were walking through Bergdorf Goodman and I remember saying to myself “I want this, I want my clothes in this store.” A few months after that I entered college and I taught myself how to sew just in time for the annual homecoming fashion show and I entered my first collection into the show. It was only one dress but I was VERY proud of it and I loved the feeling of seeing something that I created go down a runway. Ever since then I never stopped.

Brandon Murphy Collection

FAULT: What is the creative process of a Brandon Murphy design?

Brandon: Well first off I don’t sketch, I feel that it limits my creativity. I design with emotion and a lot of my inspiration comes from my “Me Days” that I have every Sunday and usually on those days when I don’t have a photo shoot or meeting, I go out into the city and take pictures of trees, food, wall art, pretty much everything that catches my eye. That really helps my creative process go a bit smoother. But I will say there are a lot of moments when Im sitting in silence staring at the dress form visualizing an outcome of a beautiful garment. Especially when I’m designing “The Black Dress”. There’s always one black dress in every collection. I do my best to make that dress a big focal point.

Have you always been attracted by unusual and extraordinary clothes?

Brandon: Yes because I feel that although those clothes are unusual and extraordinary, most cant be worn on a regular day.To me they surpass that stage of just being a beautiful gown, they are a representation of the designers level of creativity.

FAULT: So what does your day look like; how much time do you spend with your work?

Brandon: Well Im a student at Morehouse College, a private all male institution in Atlanta Georgia. I have class all morning then after class I plan color stories for my upcoming collection, meetings with photographers, make up artists, and bloggers. My life is extremely busy when I’m in “production mode” for a collection. I have to balance class, my clothing company, meetings and planning my own fashion show.  It can be overwhelming but I live for this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fashion never sleeps. Many designers are saying art is a very big and important source of inspirations.

FAULT: What is your opinion about that concerning your work and your personal biggest inspirational source?

Brandon: Art is a big factor in finding inspiration for me as well but I really turn to music for inspiration. When I design, I listen to Portishead, Friendly FIres, Passion Pit, Kanye West, Deadmau5, James Blake, Daley, and Imogen Heap just to name a few. Their passionate and deep lyrics have fueled the emotion in me to make beautiful garments that women can feel sexy and confident in.

FAULT: Do you have any current muses?

Brandon: The AMAZING models “The Clermont Twins”. I booked them for this collection “BAD Dream”. They are so in tune with each other but they are so different. It’s magic working with them.

FAULT: Who’s work do you most admire?

Brandon: As far as fashion, Marc Jacobs. I really love his vision and how he capitalizes on a simple concept. Photography, I admire the work of Terry Richardson and Tom Hoops


What is your signature style?

Brandon: Great denim, I LOVE jeans! I wear jeans almost every day. My favorite brands are Nudie jeans, A.P.C, Double RL, Cheap Monday, the list goes on and on. I definitely plan to have a denim line using organic selvedge denim.


FAULT: What does 2012 hold for you?

Brandon: The progression of Brandon Murphy Collection, my Spring/Summer 2012 collection “Eternal Bloom”, my junior year at Morehouse. I really want to creative direct a fashion house as well, so maybe 2012 will open the opportunity for me to do that. I would really love to create a RTW line for the American brand “Dooney and Bourke”.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Brandon: My FAULT is inspiring others to be themselves and becoming self aware. The reason I started Brandon Murphy Collection is to make garments that women can feel GORGEOUS and CONFIDENT in. IT’S ALL MY FAULT!!!!

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