When Hip Hop ruled the world…

hen Hip Hop ruled the world

For times when you need a watch, simply to be a watch, and tell the time. If anyone is fed up of all singing dancing, sat nav-ving, and telling the time in 13 different countries, timepiece, please let me introduce you to the plain and simple Hip Hop brand. Resurrected from the 80s, when plastic was everywhere, and Hip Hop watches donned the wrist of every mover and shaker; They have taken the recipe of what worked in 1985 and added a tiny bit of noughties technology- in the form of an interchangeable strap. The sporty inspired range is available in the spectrum of twenty ‘aceed’ colours, so you can jazz up any outfit, especially if like me, you’re a big fan of the black. AND its safe to wear while doing the washing up- but you’re allowed to still have the 80s dishwasher for that!

New to the range for Autumn Winter 11 is the jazzier sister watch, the Crystal, which is spiced up with a Swarovski crystal element, for those who need a bling buzz! If diamonds aren’t your thing, they are also releasing the Ghost which comes with a vibrant translucent strap and skeletons on the dial, which is bound to keep any mood or meeting chipper! As their (highly educational) website tells us, its all about knowing how to have fun…so what are you waiting for? Go hiphopize yourself to the full range.