The Great Daisy: Spring / Summer 2012’s Official Muse

Daisy Buchanan, heroine of F Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, has been named by a number of designers as official muse for their Spring / Summer 2012 collections. What is it about the ethereal femininity of 1920s suburban dress that appeals so strongly to those that pave the way for next year’s trends?

Daisy Buchanan, heroine of F Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby.

Ralph Lauren and Erdem are two fashion houses to have officially pulled inspiration from one of fashion’s oldest fictional muses. Cloche hats, loose layers, pastel colours, and supple silks dominate the collections of these designers. Whilst the ’20s are the renowned decade for the modernisation of womenswear on a global scale, Ralph Lauren and Erdem have modernised the conventions of this ground-breaking era.

Ralph Lauren Spring 2012

The term “colour pop” doesn’t apply so strongly here as in previous Spring / Summer collections, but here Ralph Lauren shakes up the conventional colour palette of ’20s fashion by clashing sky blues with spearmints, and creams with pale pinks. The collection also maintains the femininity of the classic look but gives it a more current edge. Whereas our classic Daisy is clad in chaste white lace, Ralph Lauren’s Daisy sports the timeless open-neck silk blouse cinched at the waist with a pair of soft wide-leg slacks, emphasising the feminine form.

Daisy Buchanan may be a long standing muse, but this is certainly a look that we can expect to be wearing next Spring / Summer, and we can expect to see .

Text: Abbie Saunders