This is the artist Jean Dujardin alongside Bérénice Béjo

Named best actor at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival for his part in The Artist, Jean Dujardin proved once again he could play any character.

Also known as “Loulou” (Un Gars, une fille), “Brice” (Brice de Nice), “Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath” (OSS 117) and recently “Ludo” (Little White Lies), Jean Dujardin is now  a “bankable” name in Hollywood thanks to “Georges Valentin” (The Artist), a very successful silent film star in the 20s who is about to sink into total oblivion because of the arrival of talking films.

A big thank you to Michel Hazanavicius who dared to direct a silent film in black and white when three-D films are giving a new dimension to cinema.


The Artist, to be released on October, 12th in France. No confirmed date in the UK yet.