Matt & Kim, Soulja Boy, and Andrew W.K. – Converse Track


Converse once again has come up with one of this year’s most unlikely collaborations featuring Soulja Boy,  Andrew W.K. and pop duo Matt & Kim . The Track “I’m A Goner,” is the latest in the company’s “Three Artists, One Song” campaign. The song was produced by Matt Johnson of Matt & Kim. Johnson states”When Kim and I sat down to write ‘I’m A Goner,’ we knew we wanted to make a song people can party to”. He further goes on to say “Soulja Boy and Andrew W.K.’s lyrics and energy bring a whole new element to the song that we couldn’t be more excited about.” This unique trio of musical styles is worth a listen.

I\’m A Goner – Matt & Kim, Soulja Boy and Andrew W.K.