Marie Ange Casta

As it would seem, Casta is the surname of beautiful and talented people. Following in the modelling and acting footsteps of her older sister, Laetitia Casta, (who has been the face of fashion houses Chanel and Dior and appeared on countless magazine covers), Marie Ange is definitely a talent to watch. Starring in “Des vents Contraires,” along side Audrey Tautou and “Mineurs 27,” these films are out towards the end of the year. We catch up with the whimsical beauty Marie Ange…

When/how did you get into modelling?
It was a couple of years ago while I studied visual arts in Corsica, I decided on a whim to stop everything and come live in Paris. I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life, so I thought why not this …

What projects are you working on at the moment
Apart from cinema, I just finished working on a TV movie with Jean Stephane Sauvaire for Artemis, “Come Here I’ll Kill My Beautiful.” I’m also currently working on “Rascals” under the direction of Tristan Aurouet. With regards to art and drawing, I’m continuing to collaborate with Reebook.

Modelling Vs acting, which do you enjoy the most?
Film and modelling are both very different and complementary. I’m an impulsive person and follow my desires, I only work on projects that make me happy so, for now anyway, I cannot choose.

Favourite designers…
I have fairly eclectic tastes in fashion, I really like Sonia Rykiel and Jil Sander, but I the work of Tisci for Givenchy and Stella McCartney.

Favourite photographers
The black and white photographs by Peter Lindbergh touches me, I really love this series, I also like the sensual world of Ellen von Unwerth, her vision of femininity inspires many.

Favourite outfit…
It depends on the day, my mood greatly affects my outfits, but in general I like things that are comfortable and fit the curves.
I am very rarely in black, I always need a touch of colour, or I don’t feel well!

Perfect day out…
A perfect day? I would say that it would be relaxing, no clock, no phone, just my friends, me and a drink on the terrace … nothing more.

In the same way as fashion, I listen to very different things, changing with my moods and feelings.
At the moment I’m listening to Theophilus London a lot because I went to a concert there not too long ago as I really like The Gossip, The Clash. If they are on loop on my iPod, I think I’d never get tired.

Marie Ange Casta Interview

My inspirations come from the world around me, I’m very observant, and I love watching people. I also draw a lot, my creations come to me from my stories, my experiences. I am very attached to objects, I keep everything, and it accumulates until I run out of space, it is my cocoon.

What are your beauty essentials?
I have a very fragile skin, so generally I use drugstore products that does not harm my skin. I rarely wear make up but I never go out without moisturizer and a little lipstick. For my hair, I love natural products like Leonor Greyl, as I have very long hair and need to keep it in good condition.

Behind Vs in front of the camera?

I have just started working in the world of cinema, I don’t feel ready to get behind the camera at the moment, although I love it, so you never know…

How do you see your career progressing?
Probably going behind the camera!!!

Any projects coming up?
I plan to enjoy every moment and continue with my studies in design school …For the rest we’ll see …