Kate Moss Explores Jewellery

Kate Moss

What does a tan Longchamp Gloucester have in common with a plum cherry Rimmel lipstick? How about that said lipstick with a ruched cream Topshop tee? The common dominator I am referring to is Kate Moss.

Not only is Moss a model who has found stardom through her iconic high end fashion photographs and impeccably perfected walk, she is a woman that has become renowned for embarking her career into the direction of branding and retail. So with great pleasure it can now be confirmed that Kate Moss has a new direction this year- jewellery (with plush designs, precious stones and elaborate price tags to match). The collection is said to consist of 22 pieces inspired by the tattoos that adorn Moss’ body, and has been co designed with ‘Fred’ jewellery (part of the LVMH group).

So ladies and gentleman, I advise you to begin saving your pennies now.