FAULT: Your music is very eclectic, mixing pure electro with pop and even rock elements. Do you have any particular musical inspirations or do you just create what comes to your mind (depending on your mood) ?

Grizla: I nearly always start with just the acoustic guitar and voice, just strumming and babbling until something sticks. If I can get a good song with just the basic elements it’s then easier to record and produce.

FAULT: I understand that you’ve worked on a number of musical projects in the past. What has been your most enjoyable experience as a musician to date?

Grizla: I always love playing gigs abroad, and playing for the Dusseldorf Arts Institute was one of the best – a performance which involved playing outdoors dressed as a crow with two eagles crawling out of the river and following a pre recorded video of a drummer, a lot of fun.

FAULT: Tell us about ‘Tincture’. Is there a story behind the album?

Grizla:Tincture is the culmination of a couple of years learning how to produce and sound engineer. I’m always writing new tracks so I thought it was time to work on an album of my own stuff and put it out there.

FAULT: What’s your favourite track on “Tincture” and why?

Grizla: My favourite track is ‘Old School Jacket.’ It nearly didn’t make it on because I thought it was too silly and slushy,  but people have come back to me and told me they love it and it’s the best track so… what do I know.

FAULT: Your next album, “Light Edition”, will be mainly electro. Is that your musical preference or the style you consider to be your best?

Grizla: I’ve been doing lots of remixes and writing pop-electro tracks with other people so I thought it would be a nice progression to try it on some of my own songs.

FAULT: What do you prefer: working on your own projects or working with/for other people? What kind of satisfaction do those separate experiences bring you?

Grizla: Both. Just getting into the studio to play around is a good way to kick something off. But equally, I love working with whoever wants to work with me. Finding out new styles and ways of working is great.

FAULT: You might say that you weren’t supposed to be a musician – you initially studied Fine Arts. Do you find music more fulfilling than visual art? Do you still create visual art?

Things I learnt in fine art can be transposed into music – developing ideas and finalizing things. I’m concentrating on music at the moment but I still like to dabble (I’m currently making some videos for the new album).

FAULT: Who are the other singers on your tracks? Are they friends of yours or just artists you discovered through your musical career?

Grizla: Friends and members of other bands. I do a deal where, I’ll record you for free if you come and sing one of my tracks, it works out well for everyone.

FAULT: What are you currently working on? Will we see you on stage after the release of ‘Light Edition’?

Grizla: ‘Light Edition’ is my main focus and it’s all about it working live. I’m working with Tim Venning for live drums through a performance pad, I’ll be playing keyboards and sampler, and Peter Cline from Present is helping me with some live VJ’ing. It’s all new stuff for me and it’s very exciting.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Grizla: Wet towels… apparently

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[Interview by Léa Bourgeteau]