Going Gaga for Gucci

Gucci’s autumn / winter 2011 collection combines everything I most admire about catwalk fashion; flamboyant flares, fur, and hats. But will flares always remind us of Shaggy from Scooby Doo and will oversized hats always remind us of decades long gone by? More importantly, is there a way to inject perhaps one of these trends into an every day look without feeling like you’ve stepped out of the ’70s?

Going Gaga for Gucci

Frida Giannini has successfully emulated the sexy and sophisticated in Gucci’s womenswear collection. This is a look that perhaps many would admire, but think twice about wearing to work or for a casual day out for fear of the unforgiving glare of others. Don’t we all wish we had the courage to dress this way on a daily basis? Perhaps some don’t, but for those who do, we have other options.

For flares that scream “minimalist chic” rather than “hippie freak” (rhyme unintentional), look to Vanessa Bruno’s autumn / winter 2011 collection.

Flares paired with a minimalist top and chic heels can look as elegant as the day without looking like a tribute to John Travolta. Similarly, DKNY’s autumn / winter 2011 campaign makes faux fur look city sleek.

Our beloved fashion designers have not made autumn / winter fashion easy for us simple folk, but don’t immediately disregard flares, fur, and hats; I assure you, they DO work!