Fashion or Fault?

Road Kill Couture

 Fashion never fails to surprise me, particularly when it comes to fashion and animals… But that’s a very dangerous game to play, using fur and feathers to create a look.

Recently Lady Gaga has been in the spotlight for wearing pigeon wings on set for a shoot with the iconic Annie Leibovitz, and it caused quite a stir. Her headpiece did however remind me of the work of Jess Eaton and Road Kill Couture.

Jess offers a new take on using animals in fashion- she never hurts an animal, never kills an animal for its fur, instead she uses animals that have accidentally (or due to natural causes) died. She explores their death to create fashion in a celebratory way, not in a cruel, sickly, glorified manner. She is very proud of the way she works and she is incredibly respectful of the animals she works with. So it poses the question, will animals ever be okay to use in fashion, respectfully or not?