DressHead x fault-magazine Ladies Red Bardot Chiffon Dress

DressHead x fault-magazine Ladies Red Bardot Chiffon Dress / Layered Material / Chiffon Underlay

These fault-magazine x dresshead cheap red chiffon dresses are real blast from the past. It features a lovely red material that is stitched to give off the image that it is infact 2 pieces, a top, and a skirt in one. It has a chiffon underlay at the middle section, and it looks amazing. The color red is a very sexy color and even on a rainy day it can have you feeling like a million dollars. The sleeves of the chiffon dress are extremely short so you will be able to wear a bangle on your arm, and the neckline of the dress is rounded, helping the wearer to be able to get some air to the neck area. Short sleeves are lovely because they help people to be able to avoid the age old deodorant mark problem, that spraying and rolling on deodorant causes when getting ready in the morning. The chiffon mid section is really stunning and the basic cut and plain design of the rest of the chiffon dress is really brought out in finery by the chiffon part of the chiffon. It can be worn to go to the movies, a dinner, or a date with your latest Mr Right!