Dilan Bozyel

One to watch in 2012. Photographer Dilan Bozyel

FAULT: What is your creative background?

Dilan: It was an accident. I started studying on business administrator in Turkey, at the same time I was writing for music magazines and taking amateurish stage shots for my pieces. I then decided to change my university degree from economy photography. I was studying in London when my tutor offered me to with him in his studio.  I later received 3 nominations from essential photography.

FAULT:  What made you take the Career path of a photographer?

Dilan: I always that question myself. It is as if I woke up one morning and found myself as a photographer. I have always been creative, even as a child…I just knew that I was always going to do something creative.


FAULT:  Who’s work do you most admire?

Dilan: Diane Arbus! Her work is so real! Her life was so bewitching!

FAULT: What camera do you use?

Dilan: A Nikon D300 and disposable cameras are always with me.  If I am  working  on experimental project I use any plastic 35 mm cameras, Diana, Holga.

FAULT:  Do you have an all time favourite image?

Dilan: I am such an ill-balanced person. My mood is always changing so my favourite image is always changing.

FAULT: Editorials Vs Campaigns?

Dilan: Editorials, but if money talks; campaigns sound cool.


FAULT:  Who’s fashion campaigns do you most admire?

Dilan: Diesel-Be Stupid is cool. I was lucky enough to be one of their faces last summer. You can see more here:  http://www.diesel.com/ahundredlovers/

FAULT: Any top tips?

Dilan: Do what your soul wants. It is your life not nobody else’s

FAULT:  What is your FAULT?

Dilan: I am a dreamer.

See more here:  www.dylanbozzy.dphoto.com