Can – Tago Mago 40 Year Anniversary Re-Issue

Can - Tago Mago 40 Year Anniversary Re-Issue

Kraut rockers Can released their best-known material in 1971’s Tago Mago. To celebrate the 40 year anniversary, the album will receive a deluxe reissue via Mute/Spoon Records. The new edition features a bonus CD of newly remastered live tracks recorded in 1972, and will arrive packaged in the original artwork from the album’s UK release. Tago Mago’s reissue is the start-up of an extensive Can campaign that will carry on well into 2012. Thirteen additional studio albums will follow the release of Tago Mago as part of a massive remastered LP/CD box set ( which will also contain a previously unreleased live material).  March 2012, Can will also release The Lost Tapes, a box set curated by the groups Irmin Schmidt and Mute founder Daniel Miller, compiled and edited by Jono Podmore. Can a classic FAULT!

Can – Bring Me Coffee or Tea


01 Paperhouse
02 Mushroom
03 Oh Yeah
04 Halleluwah
05 Aumgn
06 Peking O
07 Bring Me Coffee or Tea


01 Mushroom (Live 1972)
02 Spoon (Live 1972)
03 Halleluwah (Live 1972)