By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show”

So what gives London the edge over New York as it claims the title of Fashion Capital of the World?

Samuel Johnson (quoted above) raved about it in the 1700’s, Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister of the 1800’s is quoted as having said “London is a modern Babylon”, and countless poets site London as a cryptic city of inspiration. T S Eliot famously calls London an “unreal city” in his landmark poem The Wasteland.

Is it true that London is generally more alluring than its competitor cities, New York, Paris, Milan? And does its allure take us far beyond fashion, as we track men and women of culture for centuries having raved about our capital city for much more than a specific aesthetic?

Last month, Kate Moss’s London was declared Fashion Capital of the World over Sarah Jessica Parker’s New York, which followed close behind. American Vogue’s most recent spread with Sarah Jessica Parker sported New York chic in all its glory, but London’s edgy personality and look won the world over once again.

And really, it’s no surprise. Whilst New York is ultimately the world’s power-house, in fashion London lays claim to Kate Moss, Alexander McQueen, Emma Watson, Lily Cole, Vivienne Westwood, and the list of both the versatile and diverse rolls on… And, letting alone our considerable collection of cultural icons, let’s not forget the cultural movements that London has hosted: the peace and love movement of the ’60s, the punk movement of the ’80s, and the list continues.

London has always been, and continues to be, the leading force in the development of fashion and has so far shaped the history of trends. It should come as no surprise that London has been named Fashion Capital of the World and we deserve to feel patriotic. Rule Britannia!