A Ring Made of Rock, by 22 Design Studio

Image courtesy of 22designstudio.com

There’s something incredibly empowering about wearing a ring on your finger. Not the marriage kind, although I imagine that to guarantee quite the satisfaction, but a ring that is wholesomely unique. A ring that tells a story of your hand’s ventures with every scuff, chip and scratch, a ring that’s not been created from silver or gold or pretty little diamonds, but instead something much more daringly anomalous.

22 Design Studio have created the ‘Concrete Four Twists Ring’ that consists solely of high density concrete and stainless steel. Because of its unique properties, this ring even has the ability to alter its appearance over time, with its colour strength manipulating the more it’s worn. It’s proud of the fact that it chips under stress, it likes to stand out from the crowd, and available for £50, it’s a ring that’s definitely rocking our world.