Yasmine Laraquis

One look at Yasmine Laraquis photographs and you can’t help but be instantly transported to another realm. Yasmine’s work is real and uncompromised, something you can’t help but admire. Laraquis grew up watching the likes of David Lynch and Ernst Ingmar Bergman, we caught with Yasmine to find out what leaves her always wanting more…

FAULT: What is your creative background?

Yasmine:  I studied drawing when I was 16 for 2 years in Casablanca. Once I’ve got my literature diploma in high school, I went to Paris to fulfil my passion. I reached the famous Paris-Cergy Art School, which is a great experimental laboratory. Here I went writing, photographing, videoing, doing everything I could to tell a surrealistic story with everything except music.

Some time later I meat some great people who gave me my chance, they offered me an exhibition.

I also created a kind of art factory last year named youth’s talking (www.youthstalking.com) we organized our second group show this summer in Casablanca, Morocco. The aim is to promote young international emerging artists.

FAULT:  What made you take the Career path of a photographer?

Yasmine: It came naturally in fact. I never wanted to be a photographer. Four years ago my father gave me his old Canon AT1. I started to take more and more photographs and I finally learnt to use a film camera.   Several months ago, I bought a Canon 7D, and the fun began. Although I still take everyday life photos, my real passion is in the creative line of directions, I love it!

FAULT:  whose work do you most admire?

Yasmine: I don’t have “one icon”, I love Nan Goldin’s work, I find it very emotive and sincere. Jeff Wall’s work because of his great patience and precision to have the result he wants. I also admire the  absurd touch of Jan Saudek. Still, my inspiration is essentially cinematographic: Fassbinder, David Lynch, Bunuel, Bergman or even Jarmusch, his early work at fascinates me.

Yasmine Laraqui

FAULT: What camera do you use?

Yasmine: It depends on the project, I use a 7D, a 5D sometimes the old Canon AT1 or even my lomos, I have a Diana and a Holga.

FAULT:  Do you have an all time favourite image?

Yasmine: No! I could never just have one!

FAULT: Editorials Vs Campaigns?

Yasmine: Editorials.

FAULT:  Whose fashion campaigns do you most admire?

Yasmine: Lanvin’s and Alexander McQueen’s, I admire the creative direction

FAULT: Any top tips?

Yasmine: Go ahead, think later.

FAULT:  What is your FAULT?

Yasmine: I always want more. I’m quite difficult to satisfy.


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