Marc Cain Introduces The ‘E-Man’

Have you ever considered popping to the shops with a little fellow drawn onto your tee shirt whose waist is large, whose neck is non-existent and whose general state of presence is actually quite worryingly scary? His jeans are so tight he boasts a voluptuous muffin top, his eyes don’t actually have pupils and one of his arms doesn’t even have an elbow, but it’s all okay, he’s got a very cheery chappy drawn on to his very own shirt, grinning from ear, to er, eyeball.

Maybe, maybe not, but now you’ve seen it, how an earth could you resist it? The brilliantly laid back design (created rather spontaneously by four grown men playing a late night game) has made its way into Marc Cain stores as of this month, and is now available to you. Just imagine it now, pulling off your blazer and revealing this little terror. Oh it’s just got to be bought.


Text Freya Hill